Databases are the largest organizational unit in Appwrite. Each database contains a group of collections. In future versions, different databases may be backed by a different database technology of your choosing.

Create in Console

The easiest way to create a database using the Appwrite Console. You can create a database by navigating to the Databases page and clicking Create database.

Create using Server SDKs

You can programmatically create databases using a Server SDK. Appwrite Server SDKs require an API key.

const sdk = require('node-appwrite');

// Init SDK
const client = new sdk.Client();

const databases = new sdk.Databases(client);

    .setEndpoint('') // Your API Endpoint
    .setProject('5df5acd0d48c2') // Your project ID
    .setKey('919c2d18fb5d4...a2ae413da83346ad2') // Your secret API key

const promise = databases.create('<DATABASE_ID>', '[NAME]');

promise.then(function (response) {
}, function (error) {