Keyboard shortcuts

The Appwrite Console was designed with a keyboard first approach. The Appwrite Console supports keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate and perform actions quicker.


The Appwrite Console supports keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate and perform common actions quicker. The shortcuts use the following pattern: use the first letter from the call to action followed by the resource, product, service, or page you're targeting. For example, the shortcut keys G + S navigates to the project's Storage screen. Similarly, the shortcut G + F navigates to the project's Functions screen. However, when there's a conflict with a shortcut key, the following letter is used. For example, since S is already used for Storage, the shortcut for Settings is E. This pattern is used to make usage of shortcuts consistent and predictable.

Global shortcuts

Developers can also utilize global shortcuts anywhere in the Appwrite Console, allowing instant access to these features from any page on the Console.

T then LSet theme to light
T then DSet theme to dark
T then ASet theme to dark
A then IOpen Appwrite Assistant
C then OCreate organization

Command center

All the Appwrite shortcuts can be found in the command center. Use the command center to search for commands or the current page's content.

PC (Windows / Linux)macOSAction
Ctrl + K + KAccess Command Center

Project shortcuts

Within the context of a project, developers can utilize project shortcuts. These shortcuts are automatically enabled once a project is selected on the Console. These shortcuts allow quick access to the project's pages making it easier and faster to navigate the Console more.

G then PGo to projects
G then OGo to overview
G then AGo to auth
G then DGo to databases
G then FGo to functions
G then MGo to messaging
G then SGo to storage
G then EGo to settings

Primary Actions

Each screen on the console has a concept of a primary action. For example, in the Functions screen, the primary action would be creating a function, in the Databases screen, it would be creating a database and so on. The primary actions are usually triggered using the C key as seen in the table below.

C then PCreate project
C then UCreate user
C then ACreate database
C then CCreate collection
C then DCreate document
C then TCreate attribute
C then FCreate function
C then SCreate storage


Using keyboard shortcuts and other methods, we are committed to making the Appwrite Console accessible to all developers by following the AA-level standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Following these standards ensures that the Console is usable by people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

Good contrast between text and backgrounds, resizable text without loss of content or functionality, and navigable interfaces via keyboard and screen readers guarantee an inclusive environment and allow developers to perform their tasks efficiently. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that the Appwrite Console complies with legal requirements and promotes a positive developer experience for everyone.