Start with Functions

You can create and execute your first Appwrite Function in minutes.

Create function

Before deploying your function with Git, create a new function attached to your Git repository.

Create function screen

Create function screen

  1. In the Appwrite Console's sidebar, click Functions.

  2. Click Create function.

  3. Under Connect Git repository, select your provider.

  4. After connecting to GitHub, under Quick start, select a starter template.

  5. Follow the step-by-step wizard and create the function.

  6. The function will be created and a build will begin. Once the build completes, you'll have created your first function.

You can find the code used by the starter template in your newly created Git repository. Each push to your Git repo will trigger a new deployment.


You can execute your Appwrite Function through many different triggers. The easiest way to execute your first function is to use the Appwrite Console.



  1. In the Appwrite Console's sidebar, click Functions.

  2. Under the Executions tab, click Execute now.

  3. Click Execute to execute the starter template function.

  4. Wait for the execution to be marked completed and click to view the execution logs.


Use this your first function as a springboard to explore the flexible and powerful features of Appwrite Functions.