Each deployed function can have its own domain, generated or developer defined. You can use this domain to execute Appwrite Functions through HTTP methods. You can use common practices like using paths, query parameters, headers, HTTP methods, formdata, and all the typical HTTP concepts to implement Appwrite Functions.

Appwrite generates TLS certificates to enforce HTTPS on all Appwrite Functions domains, generated or custom. These domains are safe to use and access in production.

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Generated domains

  1. In the Appwrite Console's sidebar, click Functions.

  2. Under the Domains tab, you'll find the generated domain from Appwrite.

The domain usually has this format.


Add a custom domain

  1. Navigate to the Appwrite Console's Functions page.

  2. Navigate to the Domains tab.

  3. Click on Create domain.

  4. Input your domain and click Next.

  5. Copy the CNAME record and add it to your domain registrar.

  6. Click Go to console and wait for verification and certificate generation.

DNS records can take up to 48 hours to propagate.

When both VERIFICATION STATUS and CERTIFICATE STATUS are green, the new domain is ready to use.