Start with Storage

You can create your first bucket, upload, and download your first file in minutes.

Create bucket

You can create a bucket in the Appwrite Console by navigating to Storage > Create bucket.

In your bucket, navigate to Settings > Permissions, then add a new Any role with CREATE and READ permissions. This allows anyone to create and read files in this bucket.

Create file

To upload a file, add this to you web, Flutter, Apple, or Android app.

import { Client, Storage } from "appwrite";

const client = new Client()

const storage = new Storage(client);

const promise = storage.createFile(

promise.then(function (response) {
    console.log(response); // Success
}, function (error) {
    console.log(error); // Failure

Download file

To download a file, use the getFileDownload method.

import { Client, Storage } from "appwrite";

const client = new Client();

const storage = new Storage(client);

    .setEndpoint('') // Your API Endpoint
    .setProject('5df5acd0d48c2') // Your project ID

const result = storage.getFileDownload('[BUCKET_ID]', '[FILE_ID]');

console.log(result); // Resource URL