$id string User ID.
$createdAt string User creation date in ISO 8601 format.
$updatedAt string User update date in ISO 8601 format.
name string User name.
password string Hashed user password.
hash string Password hashing algorithm.
hashOptions object Password hashing algorithm configuration. Can be one of:

AlgoArgon2 model, AlgoScrypt model, AlgoScryptModified model, AlgoBcrypt model, AlgoPHPass model, AlgoSHA model, AlgoMD5 model

registration string User registration date in ISO 8601 format.
status boolean User status. Pass `true` for enabled and `false` for disabled.
labels array Labels for the user.
passwordUpdate string Password update time in ISO 8601 format.
email string User email address.
phone string User phone number in E.164 format.
emailVerification boolean Email verification status.
phoneVerification boolean Phone verification status.
mfa boolean Multi factor authentication status.
prefs object User preferences as a key-value object Can be one of:

Preferences model

targets array A user-owned message receiver. A single user may have multiple e.g. emails, phones, and a browser. Each target is registered with a single provider. Can be one of:

Target model

accessedAt string Most recent access date in ISO 8601 format. This attribute is only updated again after 24 hours.