$id string Session ID.
$createdAt string Session creation date in ISO 8601 format.
$updatedAt string Session update date in ISO 8601 format.
userId string User ID.
expire string Session expiration date in ISO 8601 format.
provider string Session Provider.
providerUid string Session Provider User ID.
providerAccessToken string Session Provider Access Token.
providerAccessTokenExpiry string The date of when the access token expires in ISO 8601 format.
providerRefreshToken string Session Provider Refresh Token.
ip string IP in use when the session was created.
osCode string Operating system code name. View list of [available options](
osName string Operating system name.
osVersion string Operating system version.
clientType string Client type.
clientCode string Client code name. View list of [available options](
clientName string Client name.
clientVersion string Client version.
clientEngine string Client engine name.
clientEngineVersion string Client engine name.
deviceName string Device name.
deviceBrand string Device brand name.
deviceModel string Device model name.
countryCode string Country two-character ISO 3166-1 alpha code.
countryName string Country name.
current boolean Returns true if this the current user session.
factors array Returns a list of active session factors.
secret string Secret used to authenticate the user. Only included if the request was made with an API key
mfaUpdatedAt string Most recent date in ISO 8601 format when the session successfully passed MFA challenge.