To upgrade your Appwrite server from an older version, you should use the Appwrite migration tool once you have installed the new version. Make sure to run th migration tool after you already finished installing the new version.

A Note About Migration

It is highly recommended to backup your server data and your docker-compose.yml file settings before running the migration.

When updating to a new Appwrite version, make sure to run the installation script for the new version from the same location, you executed your original setup. This will allow the installation script to update your existing docker-compose.yml file. The correct location for execution is the parent directory of your existing appwrite directory.

The data migration tool will allow you to easily migrate your current Appwrite data to work with the new version.

To start the migration, run the following command from your terminal once your backup is ready and that your new Appwrite setup has completed successfully. Replace "[APPWRITE_CONTAINER_ID]" with your container ID. You can find your container ID by running `docker ps` command.

docker-compose exec appwrite migrate