Announcing Appwrite's $27M Series A Funding Round

Posted by Eldad Fux, Founder & CEO

Today, I'm proud to announce that six months after completing our Seed funding round, we have closed our $27m Series A funding round led by Tiger Global and all of our existing investors, including Bessemer VP, Flybridge, Ibex Investors, and Seedcamp. This new funding is great evidence of our progress and a massive boost to our aspiration of making Appwrite the ultimate development platform for all developers.

What is Appwrite?

Appwrite is an open-source, Backend-as-a-Service platform that provides developers with all the core APIs and services required for building any software on various development platforms such as Web, Mobile, and Flutter.

Appwrite allows developers to build secure applications faster than ever and provides an experience focused on developers' joy and productivity. With complexity piling up in the software world, Appwrite becomes a crucial abstraction layer on top of traditional cloud vendors that allows developers to focus on their products, innovation, and solving challenges the future holds.

Through Appwrite, we aim to allow developers to run fast and avoid mixing up multiple solutions or extending their skills indefinitely to integrate different services and libraries that were never designed to work together. Appwrite provides developers with a one-stop-shop that leverages existing knowledge instead of repeatedly forcing developers to learn new concepts and technologies.

We Have Big Plans! 

Since our Seed funding round, we have been able to significantly advance the development of Appwrite and also grow our team in the process.We have drastically improved existing Appwrite services like the Appwrite Database and Cloud Functions, taking them to the highest performance levels possible. We have added new advanced features like support for storage buckets, unlimited file size uploads, new SDKs, and Realtime support for every Appwrite service.

The coming months are going to be even more exciting. We're planning to double down on extending the existing Appwrite stack of APIs and services thereby unlocking an even wider spectrum  of applications and use cases that could be easily built with Appwrite, keeping in mind the same great developer experience we have always had as our top priority.

We're also happy to share that Appwrite Cloud will be coming later this year, and you can already sign up for our early beta. The Appwrite Cloud will be a fully managed, distributed solution that will make going to production and scaling with Appwrite easier than ever. The Appwrite team will continue to evolve our self-hosted solution to make sure it stays the easiest and most complete self-hosted backend-as-a-service product out there.

Continuing to Support Open-Source Communities

Appwrite started its way as an open-source side project. We remember how hard it is to maintain such a project with little resources and how hard it is for some open-source communities to survive and stay sustainable. We remember how hard it was for us, and we also cherish the Appwrite and general open-source communities’ roles in helping us reach where we are today.

With that in mind, the Appwrite team will continue to make sure we're staying true to our core values, values that are based on the same principles that make open-source so great.

We'll continue to support the wider open source community, maintainers, and creators through multiple sponsorships, donations, and collaborations enabled by our new funding. We'll soon announce more initiatives to ensure we take our part in creating a healthy ecosystem around open-source, with the longing that other companies will join us.


If you have been part of the Appwrite community, you already know that we love to share our appreciation. This is an excellent opportunity to thank the outstanding individuals who helped us reach this milestone through their faith in Appwrite and our vision. Our new investors, John and the amazing team at Tiger Global, our existing investors Amit from Bessemer, Chip from Flybridge, Nicole from Ibex, Sia from Seedcamp, Aaron, and the guys from the Abraham fund, and all our amazing angel investors - we're thankful to have all of you part of our journey!

As always, we owe a huge thank you to the Appwrite community. You are the reason we're here, and you make our work so much more exciting each and every day. Together with all of you, building a company in the open has been my best professional experience to date. Thank you for your support, love, and the strength you give us every day. We are committed to doing our best for you - you deserve nothing less.

First published on April 5th 2022