Announcing Appwrite's $10M Seed Funding Round

Posted by Eldad Fux, Founder & CEO

I'm incredibly excited to share that Appwrite has completed raising $10m in a seed round led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Flybridge, with participation of Ibex Investors and Seedcamp, along with Uri Boness, the Founder of Elastic, and James Lindenbaum, the Founder of Heroku as individual investors.

New to Appwrite?

Appwrite is an open-source, Backend-as-a-Service platform that provides developers with all the core tools and services required for building any modern software on various development platforms such as Web, Mobile, and Flutter.

Appwrite allows developers to build secure applications faster than ever and provides an experience focused on developers' joy. With complexity piling up in the software world, Appwrite becomes a crucial abstraction layer that allows developers to focus on their products, innovation, and the challenges of the future.

Through Appwrite, we aim to allow developers to run fast and avoid mixing up multiple solutions or extending their skills indefinitely to integrate different services and libraries that were never designed to work together. Appwrite provides developers with a one-stop shop that leverages existing knowledge instead of repeatedly forcing developers to master new technologies.

We're just getting started

With the new funding, we'll take the existing Appwrite services to the next level and expand our Backend-as-a-Service offering to heights never seen before. Appwrite will continue its journey to bridge the gap between advanced cloud services and developer experience. We’ll continue to provide developers with all the modern cloud technologies with easy-to-use APIs to create awesome dev experiences while focusing on usability, performance, flexibility and scale.

We'll continue working on our roadmap, releasing Appwrite 1.0 and the upcoming Appwrite Cloud. We’ll introduce new capabilities to our Databases, Storage, Auth, and Functions services, continue evolving our real time capabilities and build new services together with the Appwrite community.

This is the most exciting time to be or become an Appwriter. Our team can't wait to see all the awesome things Appwriters are going to build with the new tools and capabilities we're about to introduce. Honestly, we can't wait to use these tools ourselves!

Growing our team

With our newly secured funding, we'll be expanding our 100% remote team, and we'd love to join more people who are passionate about Appwrite, open-source, and working with communities as much as we do. Our team today is distributed in over ten different countries, and we always look to join people from new places and cultures.

We have multiple new openings for different positions with a candidate-friendly hiring process. We'd love to get your applications and hopefully have you join us on our exciting journey. You can apply now on our new careers page.

WeΧ³re committed to open source

We started Appwrite as an open-source project because we love open source. With the Appwrite company coming to life, we are committed to building it based on the same unique values and fundamentals that make open-source great for us and the entire open-source community.

We're going to continue our focus on building open-source tools, work alongside our amazing community, and be fully transparent both on our product roadmaps and business goals.

We believe that by working to find the right balance between our community and commercial goals, we can build a sustainable ecosystem of better tools and products that will help developers all over the world be more productive and drive more innovation.


If you have been part of the Appwrite community, you already know that we love to share our appreciation. This is an excellent opportunity to thank the amazing individuals who helped us reach this milestone through their faith in Appwrite and our vision. Amit and Ariel from Bessemer, Chip from Flybridge, Nicole from Ibex, Sia, Kyran, and Felix from Seedcamp, Aaron, and the guys from the Abraham fund, and all our amazing angel investors - we're super excited to have you all on board. Welcome to the Appwrite family!

Last but not least, we owe a huge thank you to the Appwrite community. You are the reason we're here, and you make our work so exciting each and every day. Together with all of you, building a company in the open has been my best professional experience to date. Thank you for your support, love, and the strength you give us every day. We are committed to doing our best for you - you deserve nothing less.

First published on September 28th 2021