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About Us

We abstract software complexity by building state of the art dev-tools, allowing developers to drive both innovation and imagination.

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Our Story

The story of Appwrite officially began back in September 2019. It was started as a passion project by our Founder and CEO, Eldad, to solve his own personal problems as a tech leader and software engineer. Appwrite was designed from the early days to act as a consistent and predictable abstraction layer on top of traditional cloud solutions. Appwrite provides developers with all the core APIs required to build modern software projects by relying on existing protocols and developers' knowledge without forcing them to learn new skills.

  • 2021 Launched
  • $37M Total funding
  • 26 Team members
  • 150K Community members

Board of Directors

  • Amit Karp

    Partner at Bessemer

  • Chip Hazard

    General Partner at Flybridge

  • Eldad Fux

    Founder and CEO
    at Appwrite

  • Nicole Priel

    Partner & Managing
    Director at Ibex Investors

  • Sia Houchangnia

    Partner at Seedcamp

Backed by Top Investors

Angel Investors

  • Aaron Applebaum

    Partner at MizMaa

  • Ariel Maislos

    Angel Investor

  • Gilad Engel

    Angel Investor

  • Krishna Visvanathan

    Co-founder & Partner at Crane Venture Partners

  • Ameet Patel

    Angel Investor

  • Benno Jering

    Partner at Redline Capital

  • James Lindenbaum

    Co-Founder at Heroku

  • Uri Boness

    Co-Founder at Elastic